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ccLessonSwap Terms of Service

  1. Contributors agree to only post content that is of legitimate educational value.
  2. Contributors shall not post any material that a reasonable person would consider objectionable considering the subject matter of the lesson.
  3. Contributors agree to only post material that is of their own creation, and are responsible for ensuring that the content they share does not violate copyright laws.
  4. Contributors agree to allow free use and modification of all content uploaded to ccLessonSwap.
  5. Contributors may include authorship information with their posted content, which is not to be removed by end-users, even if the content is edited.

Use of Shared Content
  1. When using content posted by other contributers, users agree to maintain all authorship information included wiht the original content; If the original content is edited by a user, they must indicate that the edited content was based on content by the original author.
  2. Users are forbidden from using another contributors content for financial gain.
  3. If shared content is encountered that in the users view violates any of these terms of service, users agree to report said content immediately.

ccLessonSwap Rights and Obligations
  1. Even though ccLessonSwap is not responsible for the content of posted material, they will make every effort to remove any content that it considers to be objectionable, or in violation of these terms of service.
  2. ccLessonSwap reserves the right to suspend any users account if found to be in violation of these terms of service.

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